The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

October 21, 2007


O God of mercy, God of might
In love and mercy infinite,
Teach us, as ever in your sight,
To live our lives to you.
All are redeemed, both far and wide,
Since Jesus Christ for all has died;
Grant us the will, and grace provide,
To love them all in you.
(Christian Worship 499:1, 4)

The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

October 21, 2007

Worship Focus: The Lord's love for us leads us to love

Order of Service: The Common Service, p. 15

Hymns: 233, 520, 388, 419:1, 2

God's Word

First Lesson Ruth 1:1-19

The Lord's love for Ruth led her to love her mother-in-law. So also as we take the Lord's love to heart, his love for you overflows in love towards others.

Psalm 111, p. 106

Praise the Lord for the wonder of his saving love.

Second Lesson 2 Timothy 2:8-13

God's love gave you Jesus. His love will not fail you, even in the worst of circumstances.

Gospel Luke 17:11:19

In loving mercy, Jesus healed the lepers and one thanked him. In his great love, grace, and mercy, Jesus has healed us from sin and death. Thank him by showing love towards others.

Ruth 1:1-19

A Different Kind of Love Story

The Lord's love reaches out

  1. Why was it unexpected that the Lord's love would reach out to work faith in Ruth?
  2. How has the Lord's love reached out for you?

The Lord's love works good

  1. What troubles did Naomi and Ruth face?
  2. Why can you be sure the Lord's love works good out of the troubles you face?

The Lord's love ignites love in us

  1. Describe the love that the Lord's love creates in us.

This Week's Kingdom Work

News & Notes

Welcome: Today we welcome Eugene DeGier into our fellowship as a communicant member. Convinced that God's Word is faithfully and correctly taught here, he publicly confesses his faith today and is welcomed to join in all the privileges and responsibilities of membership. May our Lord bless him and us as we walk together in faith, serving each other in love.

Installation: St. Paul's of Alexandria invites us to join them at 4:00pm today for the installation of Pastor Michael D. Neumann. A meal will follow the service.

Reformation: Next Sunday we are invited to a joint Reformation service at St. Paul's, Morris. The service will focus on the meaning of the five parts of Luther's seal. Service time is 4:30pm. No offering will be taken during the service. After the service St. Paul's will provide a meal for all. There will be a free-will offering which will go toward the purchase of a Powerpoint projector for St. Paul's.

Wednesday Bible Class: We're looking at our creeds and confessions. This week we jump to the time of the Reformation and learn the history leading up to our Lutheran Confessions. Come and learn more about these treasures handed down to us by the church.

Sunday Bible Class: We continue our study “Warning and Encouragement from Jesus to his Church: Revelation 1-3”. Next week we look at Revelation 2:1-7 -- ”To Ephesus: Hold on to your first love.”

October Ushers: Delroy Thielke (capt.), Duane Hausmann, Dale Kraft, Dennis Schroeder, Cory Schroeder, Dick Smith

October Cleaners: Doug & Leah Nelson, Burdette & Pearl Kraft

October 28 Greeters: Mary Bitter

Quarterly Meeting Notes:

The meeting opened with prayer, roll call, and the reading of the minutes.

The following membership changes were approved: Release for Brittni Jepma to join a congregation in North Mankato. Profession of faith by Eugene DeGier. The deaths of LaVaughn Thielke and Bernice Jacoby, both on August 24, were noted.

The pastor reported that attendance for the third quarter averaged 57 and was 63 year-to-date. He reported that we had enough teachers and substitutes for Sunday school. Also the youth (7-12 grade) would be having Bible study every Sunday during the Sunday school hour. Leah Nelson, Mona Roth, Sandy Nelson, and Gloria Zeltwanger plan to rotate through the teaching responsibilities for the youth group.

The treasurer reported the balances for the end of the 3rd Quarter (September 30, 2007). The General Fund had a balance of $4,025.58. The Improvement Fund was (-$103.64). We had sent in $7,729.90 to missions, which puts us slightly ahead of our annual goal of $10,000.

Under new business:

Money from the Jacoby memorial was authorized to be spent on Sunday School or Vacation Bible School related items such as Bible story videos, music, CD's, etc.

The thanksgiving Eve Service was set for Wednesday, November 21, at 7:30pm. A supper will be served before.

Confirmation will be April 27, 2008

The Pastor's Health Savings Account and salary package was redistributed to lower the tax liability. His annual salary was reduced from $36,000 to $34,550. The congregation's annual contribution to pastor's Health Savings Account was raised from $4,200 to $5,650. The total remains at $40,200.

Some comments concerning the Christmas schedule suggested that for the Christmas Eve service the little children have their own parts to say each one by himself/herself and that adult participation for that service be kept to a minimum.

The next regular voters' meeting will be the Annual Meeting, tentatively schedule for January 13, 2008.

The meeting adjourned with prayer.


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