The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

January 27, 2008


O Christ, our true and only light,
Enlighten those who sit in night;
Let those afar now hear your voice
And in your fold with us rejoice.
(Christian Worship 569:1)

The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

January 27, 2008

Focus: Jesus shatters the darkness of sin

Order of Worship: Service of the Word, p. 38

Hymns: 90, 85, 463, 569:1-3

God's Word

First Lesson Isaiah 9:1-4

The light of Jesus gives us joy to celebrate. For he breaks the burden of our sins and gives us the victory of life.

Psalm 27, p. 75

Jesus is our light and our salvation.

Second Lesson 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

Let the light of Christ shine from you as we work to be perfectly united by keeping our mind and thought in tune with God's Word.

Gospel Matthew 4:12-23

Jesus shatters the darkness as he preaches, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near,” and he calls his disciples to follow him as fishers of men.

Matthew 4:12-23

Jesus' Preaching Casts a Wide Net

  1. He calls all kinds of people to repent
    1. How do the places where Jesus preaches teach us that he calls all kinds of people?
    2. What darkness tempts us to run away from the light?
    3. What does Jesus mean when he calls out, “Repent”?
  2. He calls all kinds of people to fish
    1. How do we fish for people?
    2. Whom do we fish for?

Sunday Bible Class: Next week we continue The Service Zone, a video Bible class to help us examine the joys and challenges of Christian service towards others. It runs from January 13 to March 2. Even if you have never been to a Bible class, come and see what it's like.

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of January 27, 2008

  • Wednesday
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class:The Spirit enlightens
    • 7:00pm Bible Class: Commandments 5,6
  • Saturday
    • 9-11:00am Open House Bridal Shower
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday School: The Lost Son
    • 9:30am Youth Group
    • 9:30am Bible Class:The Service Zone
    • 10:30am Worship and Holy Communion

Youth Group Event: Arrowwood’s Big Splash Water Park in Alexandria, Sunday, February 3rd. All parents and youth are invited to attend. If you haven’t already, please let Leah know by Sunday, January 27th if you plan to come (392-5880 or We will leave from the church at 12:30 and plan to be at the Water Park from 1:30 5:30pm Bring $7/person plus extra for snacks that are available at the Water Park (no outside food or beverages are allowed). We will be stopping at Pizza Ranch in Alex afterwards for their buffet.

Open House Bridal Shower: The congregation is invited to an open house bridal shower for Carrie Dingman this Saturday, February 2, from 9:00am to 11:00am in the fellowship hall downstairs. Carrie is the bride-to-be of Justin Flaten.

Lent: Easter is as early as it will ever be in our life times, so Lent begins on February 6.

This year we consider the theme: Testimonies about Jesus from Unlikely Witnesses. How awesome our God is that he can lead even enemies of the cross to speak his words of truth. We will consider the words of Caiaphas, the false witnesses, Pilate, Pilate's wife, the mockers, and the centurion. Even through these unlikely witnesses, our Lord confirms his saving truth for you and for me. Come, let his Word fortify your faith.

Supper will be served before the service beginning at 6:00pm.

Jan. Ushers: David Paul (capt.), John Jepma, Tom Mohr, Clarence Lanus, Jerry Logan, Don Spencer

Jan. Cleaners: Ed & Lori Boettcher, Scott & Shannon Boettcher

Greeters Feb. 3 John & Tawnia Jepma

From the Office of WELS President:

Last week I had the privilege of meeting with the Conference of Presidents (COP) for the second time. I went away from that meeting once again impressed with the faith, the dedication, and the zeal shown by these men who have been called to serve as the shepherds and spiritual leaders of our 12 districts.

The Conference of Presidents is divided into five committees: leadership, funding, education, operations/outreach/communications, and doctrine. The issues that come before the COP are given to the various committees to discuss and formulate recommendations. As you can see from the names of the committees, the topics under discussion are wide-ranging and diverse.

Among the matters discussed or decided were:

The COP reaffirmed that Congregation Mission Offerings (CMO) are the primary and foundational method of support for our synod's various ministries. In view of that, the COP and WELS Ministry of Christian Giving will continue to stress the continuing primacy and importance of CMO. At the same time, the COP recognizes that from time to time specific needs arise in the church that must be addressed and must receive special attention from our people. . . The COP will take special care concerning the number of special funding requests that are brought before the members and congregations of the synod. . . .

The COP reviewed the plans in place for the gathering of the Year of Jubilee offering, which was authorized by the synod convention last summer to eliminate the synod's $22.5 million internal debt. These plans will be shared with the district conventions next summer, with the actual synodwide start for the offering beginning in the fall. Several districts have decided to make an early start in this effort.

Various topics relating to doctrine and practice were discussed, such as worship, outreach, congregational organization/structure, and the role of the synod in assisting congregations. Most, if not all, of these issues will be discussed in pastoral conferences in the coming year and in future meetings of the COP.

Many other items could be added to this list. No matter what the issue under discussion, it's clear that the Lord has given these dedicated men as gifts to his church. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue their important work.

Serving in Christ,

Mark Schroeder


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