The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

February 1, 2009


Blessed Jesus, at your Word

We are gathered all to hear you.

Let our hearts and souls be stirred

Now to seek and love and fear you,

By your teachings sweet and holy,

Drawn from earth to love you solely. (CW 221:1)

The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

February 1, 2009

Focus: Divine Service

Order of Worship: The Common Service, p. 15

Hymns: 255, 742, 310, 341

Personal Preparation for Holy Communion, p. 156

The Liturgy

  1. Introduction
    1. What are the four points to keep in mind as we think about the Liturgy?
  2. Invocation
    1. What does the Invocation remind us off?
  3. Confession, Kyrie, Absolution
    1. Why do we begin the Liturgy with the Confession of Sins?
  4. Gloria in Excelsis
  5. The Word
    1. What pattern do the readings from the Gospel follow throughout the year?
  6. The Sacrament: Preface
    1. What tone does the Liturgy strike as we prepare to celebrate the Lord's Supper?
  7. The Sacrament
    1. What connections are there between this Liturgy and Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday)?
  8. Thanksgiving & Blessing
    1. Where does the closing blessing come from?

God's Word

First Lesson: Deuteronomy 18:15-20

Jesus is the great Prophet the Lord promised through Moses. Listen to him.

Psalm 1, p. 64

Delighting in the Lord's Word brings blessings.

Second Lesson: 1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Rather than thinking about what you have the right to do, think about what will help others grow in faith.

Gospel: Mark 1:21-28

Jesus shows his divine authority as he taught and as he drove out the demon.

Lord's Supper

At St. John’s we observe the biblical practice of “close communion,” since the Bible teaches that communing together is an outward sign of the inner closeness of faith that seeks to agree in all that the Bible teaches. Therefore, we ask that only those commune who are confirmed members of our church body and of those churches which have declared fellowship with us. If you have further questions about this, please talk with the pastor.

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of February 1, 2009

  • Wednesday
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class
    • 7:00pm Bible Class: Lutheran Confessions
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday School
    • 9:30am Youth Bible Class
    • 9:30am Bible Class: Revelation
    • 10:30am Worship and Holy Communion

News & Notes

Luncheon: The youth group invites you to a “Jesus Loves You” Luncheon after church on February 15. A free will offering will be taken to help cover the expenses for the WELS youth rally this summer and other youth activity.

Autism Workshop: Jesus Cares Ministries Media is sponsoring an Autism Workshop on March 28 in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information see the bulletin board or contact Pastor Bitter.

Public Notice: Funding is available to help with the cost to heat your home. If you reside in Pope, Traverse, Stevens, Grant, Douglas, Clay, or Wilkins counties contact West Central MN Communities Action Agency at 1-800-492-4805 for application information. This program is funded by the MN Dept of Commerce and the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

February ushers: Barry Nelson (capt.), Jason Brown, Jeff Flaten, Ryan Flaten, Dick Lubenow, Eric Zeltwanger

February cleaners: Barry & Sandy Nelson; Chuck & Lisa Nelson

Greeter Feb 8: Dave Joos


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
859 5th Street
Hancock, MN 56244
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