The Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 29, 2009


'Tis I, Lord Jesus, I confess,

Who should have borne sin's wages

And lost the peace of heav'nly bliss

Through everlasting ages.

Instead you go

To bear the blow

My punishment to carry.

Your death and blood

Lead me to God;

By grace I there may tarry.

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 29, 2009

Focus: Jesus' obedient death brings us life

Order of Worship: Service of the Word, p. 38

Hymns: 387, 105, 345, 473:1, 4

God's Word

First Lesson: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Jesus' obedient death in our place put the new covenant into effect. The new covenant brings forgiveness and life.

Psalm 143, p. 118

Trust in the Lord to hear and rescue you, for in his suffering and death you have forgiveness.

Second Lesson: Hebrews 5:7-9

Jesus' obedient suffering brings us life and salvation.

Gospel: John 12:20-33

Jesus' death produces a harvest. Through faith in him, we die to the world. Rathering than serving ourselves, we serve him and follow him. For through his death and resurrection, we have eternal life.

John 12:20-33

Glory Hidden in a Seed

  1. Hidden in Christ's cross
    1. What prompted Jesus to speak about his death?
    2. Why was Jesus troubled?
    3. What did Jesus do despite the horror of the cross?
    4. What's the offense of the cross that keeps its glory hidden from human wisdom?
  2. Hidden in our service
    1. Who is the harvest that the dying seed produces?
    2. Describe the life which serves and follows Jesus.
    3. Why should we not expect a better life in this world when we serve Jesus?

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of March 29, 2009

  • Wednesday
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class
    • 6:00pm Supper
    • 7:00pm Lenten Service
    • 7:45pm Choir
  • Saturday
    • 1-4:00pm Open House 90th Birthday for Verree Fox
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday School
    • 9:30am Youth Bible Class
    • 9:30am Bible Class: Revelation
    • 10:30am Worship

News & Notes

Food drive: The youth group is hosting a food drive for the food shelf this month. If you would like to make a donation, please leave your food item in the box in the narthex. Thank you.

Lent: The theme for the midweek Lenten services is “Father, Forgive Them!” This week the theme is Forgive Us When We Abandon Your Truths! It's based on John 18:33-38 as we observe Pontius Pilate. Pastor Andrus from Mt. Olive, Graceville, and Trinity, Johnson will be our guest preacher.

90th Birthday: You are invited to an open house 90th birthday party for Verree Fox on Saturday, April 4, from 1-4:00pm at the Morris Senior Citizen Center. No gifts please. If not able to attend, you may send a card to her at 1100 Court Drive Apt 120 Morris, MN 56267.

March ushers: Duane Hausmann (capt.), Ed Boettcher, Tom Mohr, Harvey Flaten, Doug Nelson, Justin Nelson

March cleaners: Ed & Lori Boettcher; Scott & Shannon Boettcher

Greeter Apr 5: Barry & Sandy Nelson


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
859 5th Street
Hancock, MN 56244
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