The Last Sunday after the Epiphany: Transfiguration

February 14, 2010


Lord, you I love with all my heart;

I pray you ne'er from me depart;

With tender mercies cheer me.

Earth has no pleasure I would share;

Heaven itself were void and bare

If you, Lord, were not near me.

And should my heart for sorrow break,

My trust in you no one could shake.

You are the treasure I have sought;

Your precious blood my soul has bought.

Lord Jesus Christ,

My God and Lord, my God and Lord,

Forsake me not! I trust your Word. (Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal 434:1)

The Last Sunday after the Epiphany: Transfiguration

February 14, 2010

Worship Focus: Awaiting the glory of God's presence

Order of Worship: The Common Service, p. 15

Hymns: Hymn Sing, 97, 606, 95

God's Word

First Lesson: Exodus 34:29-35

Moses face glowed, reflecting the glory of God's presence. We wait for heaven to see glory.

Psalm 73, p. 94

How great heaven is for us because our God is there!

Second Lesson: 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Now we see God's glory through the Gospel of Christ. In heaven we will see him with our own eyes.

Gospel: Luke 9:28-36

With Peter, James, and John we glimpse the divine glory.

Psalm 73

Remember What's Ahead

  1. What troubling question did Asaph face, just as we do?
  2. Where do we meet our God when troubled by such questions?
  3. What's ahead for those without God?
  4. How does God comfort us with his presence?
  5. Describe what lies ahead for those who follow Jesus in faith and why it's so wonderful.

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of February 14, 2010

  • Wednesday
    • 2:00pm Ladies' Society
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class
    • 6:00pm Supper
    • 7:00pm Divine Service & Lord's Supper
    • 8:00pm Choir
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday school
    • 9:30am Youth Bible Class
    • 9:30am Bible Class: Homosexuality and love
    • 10:30am Divine Service & Lord's Supper

News & Notes

Youth Outing: The youth group of St. Paul's of Morris has invited us to join them with swimming at Arrowwood in Alexandria on Sunday, March 7. Stay tune for more details.

Ladies' Society: The Ladies' Society met on Wednesday, Feb. 10. They opened with a Bible study and discussion on the 3rd Commandment. They discussed which names for God to include on the summer banners that are being made. They also talked about updating the spring floral arrangements. The next meeting is scheduled fro March 10 at 2:00pm.

February ushers: Barry Nelson (capt.), Jason Brown, Jeff Flaten, Dick Lubenow, Seth Nelson

February cleaners: Pastor & Mary Bitter; Dick & Polly Smith

Today's Greeters: Alvin & Dorothy Nissen


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