The Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 21, 2010


Your works, not mine, O Christ,

Speak gladness to this heart.

They tell me all is done;

They bid my fear depart.

To whom but you, who can alone

For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee? (Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal 401:1)

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 21, 2010

Worship Focus: Only Christ's work saves

Order of Worship: Service of Word and Sacrament, p.26

Hymns: Hymn Sing, 110, 376, 401

Personal Preparation for Holy Communion, p. 156

God's Word

First Lesson: Isaiah 43:16-21

Forget your past works. They cannot save you. God has done a new thing. He gave his Son as your Savior. The waters of forgiveness flow from his side refreshing us in the wasteland of our sin.

Psalm 73, p. 94

Christ's work opens heaven where we will be with him in his glory.

Second Lesson: Philippians 3:8-14

Only Christ's righteousness stands before God. So press on toward what Jesus has won for you.

Gospel: Luke 20:9-19

Like those murderous tenants, trusting our own efforts to make us right in God sight rejects Jesus and throws him out. And without Jesus all is lost. For only Christ's work saves.

Philippians 3:8-14

In Losing Everything, You've Gained Christ's Righteousness

  1. All other gains are garbage
    1. What's life like before Christ's righteousness becomes our own?
    2. How does the devil try to get us to lose Christ's righteousness?
  2. Your faith knows the power of Christ's resurrection
    1. What verdicts does Christ's resurrection declare?
  3. You strain forward toward your resurrection sharing in Christ's suffering
    1. Why do we press on?

Lord's Supper

At St. John’s we observe the biblical practice of “close communion,” since the Bible teaches that communing together is an outward sign of the inner closeness of faith that seeks to agree in all that the Bible teaches. Therefore, we ask that only those commune who are confirmed members of our church body and of those churches which have declared fellowship with us. If you have further questions about this, please talk with the pastor.

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of March 21, 2010

  • Wednesday
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class
    • 6:00pm Supper
    • 7:00pm Lenten Service
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday school
    • 9:30am Youth Bible Class
    • 9:30am Bible Class: Revelation 16
    • 10:30am Divine Service: Palm Sunday
    • 3:00pm Bowling at Graceville

News & Notes

Youth Bowling: The Trinity/Mt. Olive Youth Group would like to invite you and your youth to an afternoon of bowling in Graceville on Sunday, March 28. Bowling begins at 3:00pm followed by pizza for supper at Mt. Olive. We've really enjoyed getting together at Andes and Arrowwood this winter. Hopefully it works for us to get together again next Sunday.

Holy Week Schedule:

Palm Sunday: March 28, 10:30am

Maundy Thursday: April 1, 7:00pm (Lord's Supper)

Good Friday: April 2, 7:00pm (Tenebrae)

Easter: April 4, 9:00am (Lord's Supper)

Easter Breakfast: The youth group will be providing the Easter breakfast starting at 7:30am on April 4. A free will offering will help pay for youth activities throughout the year.

March ushers: Duane Hausmann (capt.), Tom Mohr, Harvey Flaten, Doug Nelson, Ryan Flaten

March cleaners: Barry & Sandy Nelson; Chuck & Lisa Nelson

Today's Greeters: Delores Rose


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