The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

June 20, 2010


Hail, O once-despised Jesus!

Hail, O Galilean King!

You have suffered to release us,

Hope to give and peace to bring.

Hail, O universal Savior,

Bearer of our sin and shame;

By your merits we find favor;

Life is given through your name. (Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal 351:1)

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

June 20, 2010

Worship Focus: The Lion of Judah brings forgiveness

Order of Worship: The Common Service, p. 15

Hymns: 195, 351, 373, 341

Personal Preparation for Holy Communion, p. 156

God's Word

First Lesson: 2 Samuel 11:26 -- 12:10, 13-15

David had committed adultery with Bathsheba and arranged for the death of her husband Uriah. He hardened his heart until the prophet Nathan confronted him. Crushed with the damning realization of what he deserved, David confesses his sin and rejoices in the Good News of forgiveness.

Psalm 32, p. 78

What joy God's forgiveness brings as we confess our sins!

Second Lesson: Galatians 2:11-21

Peter sinned and Paul confronted him. When we see the darkness of our sin, Jesus' forgiveness shines all the more brightly. He freely justifies even a sinner like me. Why would I not live for him, who gave himself up for me?

Gospel: Luke 7:36-50

How great were the sins of this woman! But how much greater Jesus' forgiveness! She truly believed that her many sins were forgiven, for see how much she loved him. Those acts of love were the visible evidence of her faith in Jesus. They were the fruit that proved she had faith. So also when we believe, we love much.

Revelation 5:1-6a

The Lion of Judah Reigns!

  1. He is the slaughtered Lamb
  2. He is the universal King
  3. /n

Revelation 5:1-6a And in the right hand of him who sits on the throne, I saw a scroll with writing on both sides sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel loudly proclaim, “Who is worthy to unroll the scroll and break its seals?” No one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could unroll the scroll or look into it. I was weeping much because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or look into it. One of the elders said to me, “Stop weeping. Behold, the Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered [and is worthy] to open the scroll and its seven seals.

And I saw a Lamb as though slain, standing in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures and in the midst of the elders . . .

Lord's Supper

At St. John’s we observe the biblical practice of “close communion,” since the Bible teaches that communing together is an outward sign of the inner closeness of faith that seeks to agree in all that the Bible teaches. Therefore, we ask that only those commune who are confirmed members of our church body and of those churches which have declared fellowship with the WELS. If you have further questions about this, please talk with the pastor.

This Week's Kingdom Work
Week of June 20, 2010

  • Wednesday
    • 7:00pm Divine Service and Lord's Supper
  • Sunday
    • 9:00am Divine Service

News & Notes

New Banners and Sermon Series: Today we finish the series on the names of God. If you missed any of them, you can find the sermons about them at our website.

Wednesday Night Service will be June 23, July 14, 21, 28 at 7:00pm. No Wednesday service on June 30 or July 7. The service is the same as the previous Sunday.

Friends and Family: People outside our congregation who would like a family potrait are welcome to sign up for one of the sitting times on July 7 and 8. Their photograph won't appear in the church directory. But they will receive a complimentary 8x10 and the opportunity to order more. So if you have friends or family in the area that might be interested, let them know. Their participation helps us reach our goal of thirty-five sittings.

Sign-up for pictures: Lifetouch Church Services is helping us to replace our ten year old church directory. There is no cost to the church or sitting fee for your family. In one easy convenient visit, Lifetouch will photograph your family for the directory and take additional poses for greeting cards or portraits that you can purchase. Plenty of good times remain. If you haven't signed-up yet, please do so after church today. Look for the sign-up table in the narthex.

Ladies' Society Notes: The Ladies' Society met on July 9, 2010, with four members in attendance. We opened with a Bible study on the Seventh Commandment. They discussed using the leftover material from the new banners to make four smaller complimentary banners for behind the organ. Each of these would have a Christian symbol on it. The cleaning list was discussed with some suggested changes. A new altar committee will start in July. The next meeting will be July 21 at Delores Rose's home. The meeting adjourned with prayer, followed by refreshments serve by Phyllis Joos.

Council Notes:

The council met after service on July 13, 2010, with six council men in attendance. The meeting opened with prayer. Under old business, Duane Hausmann was designated as St. John's representative to the District Convention in New Ulm. Pastor Bitter mentioned the WELS/ELS 403b Shepherd Plan Solution. (It's a retirement savings program similar to a 401k.) Since this would not cost the congregation extra, he plans to ask the voters to approve it next month and wanted to know if the council had any questions about it.

The Pastor's and Treasurer's report are available in the narthex. Pastor will be gone June 29 to July 13. The Treasurer pointed out that it is important to keep up our offerings over the summer so that we don't slip too far into the hole. (The General Fund started June with a deficit of -$171.89.)

Under the Trustees report the council discussed making a push to replace some of the windows in the parsonage before the weather gets cold. They figured this would help save energy costs. The old windows regularly frost up on the inside during the winter. The cost is about $800/window and will be done as the funds are available. The council wants to make this need known, so that if people are able to give over and above their regular offering, they know the need is there. But we do not want the replacement of the windows to hurt the giving to the General Fund or to Missions (which was $1064.92 behind what was needed as of May 31 to be on track to meet our annual commitment of $10,000).

The Quarterly Voter's Meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2010 at 10:00am, after the service. The Fall schedule will be discussed along with other items of business. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer.

June ushers: Don Spencer (capt.), Jeff Flaten, Chuck Nelson, Evan Nelson, Kevin Zeltwanger

June cleaners: Harvey & Mary Flaten; Jeff & Christa Flaten

Today's Greeter: Gene DeGier


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