The Third Sunday of Easter

April 22, 2012


Grant me grace, O blessed Savior, And your Holy Spirit send That my life and my behavior May be pleasing to the end, That I may not fall again Into death's grim pit and pain, Whence by grace you have retrieved me And from which you have relieved me. (Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal 147:4)

The Third Sunday of Easter

April 22, 2012

Worship Focus: The Easter light shines

Order of Worship: Service of the Word, p. 38

Hymns: Hymns sing, 160, 149

God's Word

First Lesson: Acts 4:8-12

After Peter healed a crippled man, he pointed the crowds to Jesus. We heard that last week. That led to his arrest. Now he testifies before the ruling council. Through his testimony the light of Jesus shines out. Only Jesus saves.

Psalm 118, p. 108

Although rejected by the leaders, Jesus was raised from the dead by God the Father. What proof that he alone can save!

Second Lesson: 1 John 1:1-2:2

The light of the Easter message shines to bring us forgiveness as our sins are washed away by Jesus' blood. As forgiven children, we walk in the light.

Gospel: Luke 24:36-49

One again we have the testimony that Jesus has really risen from the dead. He entrusts this message to his disciples and to us, as he sends us out to shine with the Easter light.

Luke 24:44-48

Jesus Sends Us out
on our Easter Mission

  1. By opening our minds
    to understand his written word
  2. To herald his words
    of repentance and forgiveness

Hymn Sing: At the end of the hymn sing today, we want to introduce the hymn “Christ Jesus' Lay in Death's Strong Bands.” This is Martin Luther's Easter hymn. It's not new. The Lutheran church has used it for almost five centuries. It's hymn 161 in our current hymnbook, Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal, and hymn 194 in our former hymnbook, The Lutheran Hymnal.

Yet, even though it's been said that this is Luther's greatest hymn after A Mighty Fortress, it's often been neglected in our churches. Why? Possibly because the original melody, based on 12th century Gregorian chant, can sound strange to our modern ears.

To solve that problem, a new 21st century melody has been melded to Luther's words. That's what we want to practice today and use in our continued Easter celebrations in the weeks ahead.

Upcoming Kingdom Work
Week of April 22, 2012

  • Wednesday
    • 4:00pm Catechism Class
  • Sunday
    • 9:15am Sunday school
    • 9:30am Youth Group
    • 9:30am Video: Weather or Not?
    • 10:30am Divine Service

News & Notes

Examination/Confirmation: Our confirmands this year are Collin Brown, Ryan Gray, and Morgan Nelson. Today they answer questions in the service as their public examination. Two weeks from now, on May 6, they will be confirmed. May our Savior bless what they have learned and keep them in the true faith.

Quarterly Voters' Notes:

The quarterly voters' meeting after service on April 15 began with prayer.

Pastor Bitter reported on the E12 outreach for Easter. 585 invitations had been sent out to all the residential addresses in the Hancock zip code for $84.83. Although the mass mailing may not have brought in any unchurched visitors on Easter Sunday, the voters' consensus felt it was a good reminder to our community. Pastor also explained the circumstances leading up to a non-member funeral.

The Treasurer's report showed a balance of $669.61 in the General Fund. The mission offering for the 1st quarter was $1343. To meet the annual commitment of $8000, we need $2000 for each quarter.

The trustees discussed the need to plan out some landscaping for the front of the church to be done this Fall and also discussed replacing a few more parsonage windows as the funds become available.

Under new business the joint outdoor service with St. Paul's of Morris was discussed. It's their turn to schedule it.

Duane Hausmann was approved as our delegate to the Minnesota District Convention in June.

The summer schedule was set the same as last year: Sundays at 9:00am; Wednesday 7:00pm (same as the previous Sunday).

A bundle subscription for 18 Meditations was renewed. The annual cost per subscription (4 quarterly booklets) is $12.60, for a total of $226.80.

The next quarterly voters' meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 15.

April ushers: David Paul (capt.), Dale Kraft, Dean Rohloff, Kerry Roth, Don Spencer

April cleaners: Kevin & Gloria Zeltwanger; Scott & Shannon Boettcher

Today's Greeters: Barry and Sandy Nelson


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