The Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 21, 2014


Lord, how shall I thank you rightly? I am saved eternally By our life and death for me. Let me not regard you lightly But on you in faith depend, Praising you my heav’nly friend. Joy, oh, joy beyond all gladness, Christ has done away with sadness! Hence all sorrow and repining, For the Sun of grace is shining!(Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal 45:3)

The Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 21, 2014

Worship Focus: God Prepares to Send Our King

Order of Worship: The Common Service, p. 15

Hymns: Hymn Sing, 23, 5, 30

Personal Preparation for Holy Communion, p. 156

God’s Word

Epistle: Romans 16:25-27

God reveals the mystery of our Savior’s birth so that we may believe and be saved.

Psalm 89, p. 98

Praise the Lord wonders of our Lord who sent his Son to be our King.

Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

God puts his saving plan into action as the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will give birth to the Son of God, who will reign forever.

Sermon: 2 Samuel 7:8-16

Marvel at the Wonder of Your King’s Love

Upcoming Kingdom Work
Week of December 21, 2014

  • Wednesday
    • 6:30pm Christmas Eve Children’s Program
  • Thursday
    • 10:00am Christmas Day Service
  • Sunday
    • 10:30am Divine Service

News and Notes

Christmas Eve: The Sunday school children are asked to come at 6:00pm to get their costumes on for the children’s program.

Christian Aid and Relief: Christian Aid and Relief works with our missionaries and our sister congregations of the CELC around the world in funding humanitarian aid projects in Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Las Vegas, St. Lucia, and the White Mountain Reservation.

Haiti: Christian Aid and Relief provides funding for food and other nutritional/medical items for the orphanages that our Haitian mission presently serves. Through this aid, doors are open to provide children spiritual nourishment by teaching them the gospel through our missionaries there. Many of these orphans have received the blessings of Holy Baptism.

Mexico: In Mexico, aid has been granted to the Costa Maya Mission Church to help provide transportation for people to and from the soup kitchen and church. This is critical as there are limited transportation options and the church is not located in a place for people to be able to walk. Funding was also granted the Costa Maya Mission to expand its outreach efforts through a larger facility by offering ESL, tutoring, literacy classes, and an expanded soup kitchen. Through this greater presence and by offering increased programs we pray that even more people may be reached with the gospel.

(Adapted from ) Christian Aid and Relief is not funded through the Synod budget or our congregational mission offering, but from special gifts from WELS members.

Christmas Tree: The ornaments on the Christmas tree in the narthex were made by the Sunday school children in celebration of our Savior’s birth.

Advent Candles

Prelude: Gloria

Responsive Litany:

P: The angel told Mary that she would give birth to the Son of God, who would reign forever and ever.

C: O Jesus, Prince of Peace, you alone reconcile us to God by taking away our sin.

P: The angel told Joseph to give Mary's Child the name Jesus, because he would save his people from their sins.

C: O, Jesus, Prince of Peace, you alone reconcile us to God by taking away our sin.

P: The angels proclaimed peace when they appeared to the shepherds. For the Savior had been born to bring us peace with God.

C: O, Jesus, Prince of Peace, you alone reconcile us to God by taking away our sin.

Candle Lighting

The Prophecy Candle brings us hope because God's promises never fail. The Bethlehem Candle leads us to the lowly manger as we bow with repentant hearts, looking to Jesus in faith. The Shepherd Candle brings us joy as we rejoice with the shepherds at the birth of our Savior. The Angel Candle reminds us of the Good News the angels proclaimed that we have peace with God through this Child, our newborn King.

Postlude: God Is Near

(Printed on the back side. Congregation may sing along)

December Ushers: Chuck Nelson (capt.) Jeff Flaten, Evan Nelson, David Paul, Kevin Zeltwanger

December Cleaners: Dave & Connie Paul, Doug & Leah Nelson

Today’s Greeters: Kevin & Gloria Zeltwanger


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